Lo Doc Motor Vehicle Lease

What is it?

A Lo Doc motor vehicle lease facility is a lease agreement approved without the necessity of providing tax returns and business accounts. Instead the lease provider relies on the applicant’s credit history, length trading and individual guarantee to determine an approval. A selection of lease types are available including Commercial Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgage, Finance lease and Operating Lease.

Equipment commonly leased with Lo Doc Motor Vehicle Lease


Up to $100,000 approved
without financials
Generally there is no need
for mortgage security.
No upfront cash outlay
Flexible terms between 2-5 years
Choice of facilities
Competitive rates


Limits on loan amount and age
of vehicle
Vehicle must be sourced from
recognised dealer
No private sale

What type of business uses Lo Doc Motor Vehicle Lease?

Any business type (sole traders, partnerships, Pty Ltd’s etc) that does not have ready access to finalised business accounts.

Tax and accounting treatment for Lo Doc Motor Vehicle Lease

Depending and subject to Lease type selected.See Commercial Hire Purchase,
Operating Lease, Finance Lease, Chattel Mortgage.


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