Replacement Facility

What is it?

A Replacement or Easy Upgrade facility allows lessees to upgrade their current equipment, being equipment subject to a current lease, without the requirement to provide the lease provider a full financial application or credit submission. Instead the lease provider takes a credit view based on the lessees previous history, their credit record, payment history and continuity or stability of business.

Equipment commonly leased with Replacement Facility


Tax and cash flow benefits
Ease of approval – Up to $500,000
approved without Financials
No upfront cash outlay
Cash flow friendly
Negotiable terms


Restricted to only several
equipment types

What type of business uses Replacement Facility?

Businesses who have a current equipment lease and need a ‘like for like’ replacement.

Tax and accounting treatment for Replacement Facility

Subject to type of facility selected, see Commercial Hire Purchase, Finance Lease,
Chattel Mortgage.


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